Integration Service Environment – Part 1


If we look at the above diagram it gives a fare idea related to Integration Service environment. An environment which is dedicated to run Logic app and this ISE environment is injected into your Virtual Network.


There may be cases when your Integration Accounts and Logic Apps requires access to resources which are deployed into our Virtual Network.  This will help us to prevent public access to our Logic Apps.

There are couple of advantages which can be a reason why you would like to opt ISE.

  • It’s is a fixed price model
  • It prevents the artifacts of your Integration account from public access (schemas, maps agreements)
  • Easy access to on-premise resources
  • You can leverage the use of VNET rather than using public internet or on-premise data gateway
  • VNet connectivity
  • Private static outbound IPs
  • Custom inbound domain names
  • Dedicated compute & Isolated storage


Since it has a Flat Cost, you pay whether you use it or not, so think wisely before you opt for ISE. There is no auto scaling or pay-as-you-go capabilities associated with it.

Below is the list of connectors available in ISE (Logic App) which will help you to connect to resources in VNET

  • Azure Queues (ISE)
  • Azure Service Bus (ISE)
  • FTP / SFTP (ISE)
  • Azure Storage (Blob, File and Table) (ISE)
  • SQL Server (ISE)
  • AS2 / X12 / EDIFACT (ISE)

To choose ISE or NON-ISE environments depends on your need. If the scope of your integration is not large and you are happy with pay for what you use, ISE may not be a good approach. Rather stay with consumption plan model.

You can check the pricing of the ISE environment form the link below –

Check this interesting talk from Kevin Lam – Principal program manager, Azure Logic Apps on Azure Friday. He will let you know how the ISE works ?




  1. It is so fascinating to see how Azure is helping BizTalk Architects to build integration solutions far beyond possibilities as On-Premise. It’s so important to have people like you sharing knowledge and passion. Thank You!


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