Securing your Logic App via Azure Function App Proxies

In our last post we saw how to protect your Logic App using API management. In case you are not using API managment within your organization, other way could be the use of Azure Functions. Its quite simple to set it up when we compare it with the previous method using API management.

Navigate to Azure portal and create a simple Azure Function App. Once created navigate to your Azure Funtions and create a New proxy.


In the Backend URL property we will add the URL of our Logic App. Replace as below highlighted and create the demoLogicApp proxy.



Once the necessary setup has been created lets call the Function App via Postman. Copy the Proxy URL from above highlighted and pass SAS-Token parameters which we defined in Backend URL above.


This is quite easier to setup as compared to the API management. If you looking at the more proper and systematic approach than Azure API management is a way to go or you may event think of using Azure Integration Service environment because your Logic App resides within an Isolated environment. You can read more about it in the links below –


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