Enable Azure DDoS protection

What is DDOS attack  ?

A Distributed denial of Service attack (Cyber-Attack)  is a disturbance in your exisiting network traffic. As the name says denial : the attackers try to make the targeted server or network unavailable to its users temporarily or indefinitely by causing disturbance or compromising the server.

If we compared it with a real life scenario, a good example would be – Traffic Jam : Blocking the highway which prevents regular traffic to pass by easily.

When we move our Applications to cloud, High Availability and Security is one of the major concerns. The DDOS attack can be easily targeted to all those endpoints that are reachable over internet. Using Azure DDOS protection can helps us to prevent our application from these DDOS attacks.

Various Service Tiers provided –

A: Basic
Its enable by default as a part of Azure platform.
It features,

  • Always-on traffic monitoring
  • Real-time mitigation of common network level attacks

B: Standard
This tier provides an additional capabilities over the basic tier and it focuses more towards Azure virtual network resources.

Various attacks that are Mitigated by enabling Standard tier includes

  • Volumetric Attacks
  • Protocol Attacks
  • Resource Layer Attacks

It’s quite easy to enable this feature and these protection policies are tuned through dedicated traffic monitoring and machine learning algorithms.

These DDoS azure policies are applied to public IP addresses associated to a resources (Azure Load balancer, Azure Application gateway, Azure Service Fabric Instances) that are deployed within a Virtual Network.

Let quickly have a look on how to enable a DDoS protection plan for an organization.

You can create a Standard DDoS plan and link various Virtual Network within different subscriptions to this DDoS protection plan.

Logic to Azure portal, click on add resource and search for – DDoS protection plan.


Enter the appropriate details below and click on create.


You can navigate to your resource group and check if the DDoS protection plan has been created. In order to protect the virtual network for DDoS attack navigate to a virtual network within your subscription and follow the highlighted steps below.


Once the necessary configurations are saved my VNET is now protected with my Standard DDoS protection plan.

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