Azure DevTest Labs

It’s a feature in Microsoft Azure which allows us to create a Sandbox environment, where you can set guidelines and parameters on creating a Virtual Machine.

Developers and Testers can follow these guidelines to create one for themselves.

Why ?

Imagine we have 100 developer’s creating a Virtual Machine without any guidelines, we would end-up paying more than expected. Also what if he needs it for a shorter duration for a mini project. We can provide them with a sandbox environment so that they create it based on the guidelines provided and the cost doesn’t go out of proportion.

Lets try out with a short and quick demo. Login to your Azure subscription and create a DevTest Lab. Fill in the appropriate parameters below. Auto-shutdown features is by default set to enabled. If we have a 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM job we would not like our VM to function post office hours. This will help us to save additional cost.

Click create once you have filled the necessary information.


Once the Lab is in place, we can now add developers who can start creation of a VM. But how to set guidelines on specification of VM ( VM size, No of VM per user,  No of VM per Lab etc ). Let’s click on Configuration and policies below.


You only want the developers to create Basic Tier virtual machines. You can navigate to Allowed virtual machine sizes and click on Save.


You can also set no of Virtual machines that can be created in this Lab along with how many VM a specific user can create. Once you have set the necessary guidelines you can add users by navigating to Access control (IAM).

You can do couple of stuff using Access control ( IAM ).

  • Check access
  • Role assignments
  • Deny assignments
  • Assign roles etc.

You can assign different roles to these users as below  –


Once you have everything is in place, the users you added may now be able to create a VM in sandbox based on the guidelines set in configuration and policies.

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