70-535 Series – Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Database is a Relation Database as a service in cloud (RDaaS). It is easy to manage and you can select appropriate size  and do necessary scaling as per your needs.

There are different option which you can have for your SQL database,

Refer – Create SQL Database on Azure ( PowerShell )

Let’s Create a SQL Database using Azure Portal,

  1. Login to Azure Portal
  2. Select SQL Database a resource
  3. Fill out the necessary parameters as below
  4. Select the appropriate Pricing Tier – ( Amount of Storage required and DTUs) based on your needs


Now lets connect to your database after  successful creation of SQL DB.

  1. Navigate to the SQL Database that gets created.
  2. Click on Query editor (preview) from the Panel and Login to your Database.
  3. For test purpose I am running a simple Query as below.




Enabling Geo-Replication 

Geo-Replication will create an additional copy of your database in a different region so that in case of any failure it is easy to recover your lost data ( Disaster Recovery ). The data is replicated in a secondary region and both regions remains independent of each other.

Navigate as below on Azure Portal. Proceed with the necessary changes as below and select the secondary region where you want to replicate your database.



After successful creation you will have your database replicated in Secondary region.


For more information related to Azure SQL Database (Manageability, Pricing, Scalability, Elastic Pools, Managed Instance etc. ) refer to following link.

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